Welcome to the shadows, Chummer!

So, what is Shadowrun? In a nutshell, Shadowrun is a Cyberpunk game. So oppressive mega-corporations secretly controlling oppressive governments, tons upon tons of cybernetic implants and modifications, a nigh-incomprehensible internet system that only a computer wiz would know and bend to their will, and the protagonists being criminals at best. Then, throw it into a blender with high-fantasy tropes, and Shadowrun is the result! So not only are there cybernetic soldiers, but that soldier could very well be an Ork. Perhaps that weird kid you knew at school was only weird because he was trying to not set the school on fire with the magic energies he’s barely keeping under control. Maybe the Triad gang down a few blocks from where you live are actually being fueled by an ancient Chinese spirit? This is what makes Shadowrun so very unique; It takes two very different concepts, and manages to make an incredible blend of the two that’s both incredibly serious and incredibly comical. I mean hell, there was a Dragon that became president around 2050!

If you want to learn more, go open up page 14 of the Shadowrun 5th edition book. It’s a really simple read, and it gets the point across. Beyond that, feel free to also read the 1st chapter to get an idea of the setting itself. Neither of these are required by any means, but it might help to read them when trying to figure out a character. Lastly, The Wiki will soon be populated will all sorts of helpful guides and other relevant in-game stuff. There’s already something about character archetypes, so check it out!

Shadows of Seattle